The final report of the ESPAD-MedSPAD bridge project conducted in 2022 is now available and can be downloaded free of charge. Use this link or download it from the Council of Europe website

This innovative project is an initiative aimed at assessing for the first time the use of school surveys in policy and prevention planning and evaluation across more than 40 countries in the European and Mediterranean regions.

The project, funded by the Council of Europe – Pompidou Group has been conducted by the Italian Research Council (CNR) and supported by the EMCDDA.

More than 250 experts among policymakers, policy experts in prevention and harm-reduction and scientists conducting or using school surveys gave their contribution.

The report Results of the 2022 ESPAD-MedSPAD Bridge project shows that school surveys are frequently used not only for monitoring and research, but also for informing health decision making and public opinion. There is a strong demand for more, and more frequent data, as well as for increased investment in these studies, suggesting that school surveys represent an added value and yield benefits to the community, in particular in reaching the final objective of protecting and improving the health and well-being of adolescents.